January 2012, Volume 17, Number 4

Posted on January 18, 2012  

MABVP MONTHLY UPDATE – January, 2012 Volume 17, Number 4

This Month’s Meeting Information:

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2012.

Place: Offices of Schechter Dokken Kanter

Time: Noon – 1:30 pm

For the Holidays:

Thanks again to Schecter Dokken Kanter for providing our meeting location, IT setup, parking validation, etc., again this year. We very much appreciate your hospitality and the use of your space. Also, thanks once again to our fine monthly meeting speakers and conference committee members and faculty. We truly appreciate your time, preparation and insight. And, last but not least—a special thank you to Dennie for all that you do for our organization. Our communications, meetings and annual conferences run smoothly because of your diligence and efforts. ~John Heidebrecht

This month’s presentation:

Winning the Report Writing Derby?  Tom Helling MBA, CPA, MCBA President, Presidents Solutions, Inc.

After 30 years of doing ownership transitions and business valuations Tom has succeeded (and failed) in selling clients firms and businesses he started.  He is still refining his writing skills and is humbled to speak on writing as he often has failed at it. Tom was a founder of the NCCIBA and started the annual valuation contest-a fun way of learning from the real world market and our colleagues.  He was elected to the Professional Standards Board of the IBA in 2011 and served 5 years on the Quality Review Committee reviewing reports for the CBA credential.  This is a high level strategic presentation.

Please contact Dennie O’Leary if you plan to attend (odennie@hotmail.com).

Last month’s presentation:

Ingo Schulz, of Prestwick Partners, summarized M&A activity over the last 18 months for ASA, NCCIBA, and NACVA members attending the annual valuation contest. At the end of his re-cap, Ingo discussed the attributes of a recent business sale and asked attendees to guess the EBITDA multiple. Heather Burns and Tom Conway (Shenehon Company) and Guy Sanschagrin took home the bragging rights for having the closest valuation estimates for this year’s friendly valuation competition.

Looking ahead:

Annual Conference: BV-22 will be held on: Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012 at the University of St. Thomas – Minneapolis Campus. Our keynote speaker is Rob Slee, with a two-session update on the Cost of Capital for private companies. Toby Madden will present the Economic Outlook; Mike Gregory will walk us through the new DLOM practice aid; and Howard Lewis is on board to describe recently approved and proposed standards changes. Rick Gray’s two sessions will focus on models and methods used to value FLPs, tax-affecting, and recent Court decisions of interest to valuation professionals. The Shenehon team of Bill Herber, Bob Strachota, and Scot Torkelson will address unique assignments, such as valuing a conservation easement with sub-surface mineral rights. During the lunch update, they will touch briefly on techniques for appraising business with real estate components (golf courses, cemeteries, car dealerships, etc.), and entertain questions from attendees.

REQUEST FOR EMAILS: We will market this year’s BV conference using “Constant Contact”, eliminating the cost of printing and mailing 1,500 brochures. In order to make sure we have current contact information, it was suggested that each member send Dennie (odennie@hotmail.com) the names and emails of potential attendees. Our first email blast will go out right after the holidays, but we plan to upload a “Save the Date” link on ASA, NCCIBA, NACVA, and UST websites this week.

Meeting Schedule for 2011-2012

January 19, 2012 Tom Helling – Report Writing

February 1, 2012 22nd Annual Business Valuation Conference

March 12, 2012 Joint with ASA (note: Monday meeting)

April – No Meeting

May 17, 2012 TBD (contact John or Dennie with suggestions)