MABVP Fall News

Posted on October 12, 2021  

Next Meeting:    November 18, 2021

Place: Remote Meeting via Zoom (contact Natalie Mandley at for invitation)

Time: Noon – 1:30 PM

Agenda: Michael Bredahl will present Global Intangibles – Management and Valuation

The presentation will provide an overview of the types of intangibles, a perspective on how corporations approach management of global intangibles, standards of value for common purposes of valuation, an overview of valuation methods within the cost, market, and income approaches including nuances regarding various standards of value, and resources/references regarding intangibles valuation.

Notes from the September 16th Chapter Business Meeting:  

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Officers and Board of Directors!  Below is the list of officers and board members for the upcoming year.  A big thank you to Joshua Johnson who has served as MABVP President for the past year and will be moving to the role of Treasurer while Michael Schaefer, our prior treasurer, steps into the role of President.  Also, Michael Meagher is stepping down from his role as Vice President to instead serve on the board; Madeline Strachota will be taking his place as Vice President.  Michael has served as Vice President, along with other officer and board roles for several years and we appreciate his ongoing leadership commitment to the organization.  Finally, we are happy to welcome Ginger Knutsen to the board this year.  Thank you all for your service!


  • President – Michael Schaefer
  • Vice President – Madeline Strachota
  • Treasurer – Joshua Johnson

Board Members

  • Guy Sanschagrin
  • Joseph Kenyon
  • John Heidebrecht
  • Christopher Olson
  • Ginger Knutsen
  • Michael Bredahl
  • Corey O’Connell
  • Cody Lindman
  • Michael Meagher

Members also discussed the meeting format and chose to continue with a remote meeting format for our upcoming schedule with the intention to re-evaluate the situation in three months.  Any change in format to meetings will be communicated in future newsletters and meeting invitations, or by email.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule:                    

  • Thursday, November 18, 2021 – Global Intangibles – Management and Valution, Michael Bredahl
  • Thursday, December 16, 2021 – Annual Valuation Contest, Jeffrey Wright
  • Thursday, February 17, 2022 – TBA
  • Thursday, May 19, 2022 – Learn from Key Federal Court Case Decisions Related to Business Valuation, Michael Gregory

You can reach MABVP President Michael Schaefer at  Natalie Mandley can be contacted at or at 612.767.9452.