December 2012, Volume 18, Number 3

Posted on December 1, 2012  

Next Meeting: December 20, 2012

Place: Schechter Dokken Kanter
100 Washington Ave. S.
Suite 1600
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Time: Noon – 1:30 pm
Topic: Annual Valuation Contest:  Joint with ASA

Ingo Schulz, from Prestwick Partners, will be our moderator.  The program includes an update on M&A activity and an in-depth discussion of a recent sale.  Attendees will attempt to guess the sale price.  The two people whose guesses come closest to the sale price (over or under) are awarded a gift certificate.  In the event of a tie, the winners will flip a coin to see who takes home first place and who goes home with second place.

November 15, 2012 Meeting – Recap

Bill Herber presented Pat Schmidt’s overview of divorce valuations.  Discussion included updates on current regulations/guidelines, best practices, and how to deal with information the client neglected to disclose.  Thanks, Bill

Meeting dates for the 2012-2013:

January 17, 2013

February 6, 2013 (Conference)

March 21, 2013 (joint with ASA on 3/18?)

April, 2013 (No Meeting in April)

May 16, 2013

Ongoing Items:

Joe Kenyon walked the group through proposed changes in the Bylaws.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the changes presented with latitude to make minor adjustments as necessary.

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