2-2-2011 Annual Business Appraisal Conference

Posted on January 6, 2011  

NCCIBA hosts an annual Business Appraisal Conference together with

ASA, the University of St. Thomas, and NACVA.

Proposed Conference Schedule:
February 2, 2011


Speaker and Topic

I – 8:10 AM-9:00 AM

William Forsberg, Leonard Street and Deinard

Estate and Gift Case Law Update

II-9:00 AM-9:50 AM

Andrew Brower and Stephen Dennis, Baune Dosen & Co, LLP

Divorce Case Law Update; Tax implications of divorce and calculation of spousal maintenance

III & IV-10:15-11:55 AM

Robert Cimasi, Health Capital Consultants

Valuing Medical Practices and Distinguishing between Professional/Personal Goodwill

Luncheon Speaker

Howard Lewis, Executive Director IBA

IBA Update

V-12:40-1:30 PM

Dwight Larsen and Matthew Becker, Bank Value Advisory Services

Did New Banking Regulations Affect the Industry and Bank Valuations?

VI-1:30 PM-2:20 PM

Joseph Kenyon, Jennifer Schiefert, Schechter Dokken Kanter; William Herber, Shenehon Company; Stephen Dennis, Baune Dosen & Co, LLP

Mini Case Studies: Attendee participation

VII-2:35 PM-3:25 PM

Jan Tudor Davis, JTResearch

Practical Help for the Valuation Professional

VIII-3:25 PM-4:15 PM

Colin Lundgren, Columbia Management

The New Normal: Recovery and Valuation